Let's build your idea...

So you've got a good idea for a business, and you need a solution.

However, translating an idea into a practical product isn't always easy and it can be hard to know where to start!

If this is where you're at, come talk to us. We've done it for lots of entrepreneurs and companies before and we can help, whatever level your business or start up is at.

Helping startups develop their business idea and model
Product Ideas to Software Apps

We listen to you first..

Explain your idea or need to us in simple terms and we'll find the solution.

Too many consultants are either too quick to sell you a solution that doesn't really satisfy your needs, or else bog you down in paperwork and technical speak.

We prefer to talk in simple terms about what you need and explain what solution will meet those needs.

Building MVPs or prototypes for low cost

Build it and they will come...

Well not quite. However, key to the success of an business idea is getting some form of viable product in place sooner rather than later.

We work closely with you to define and plan an early model product, or MVP which help you start to gain clients or simply test your idea.

We can rapidly create platforms and apps in weeks rather than months.

Building mobile apps for prototypes for low cost
Software development with digital marketing and SEO

Our Core Services

We provide a number of key services, which are mainly geared towards startups but also established companies who are looking to bring a product to market. Read more about some of these services below

Pricing model, marketing for startup ideas
Business Analysis

We work with you not just on the tech, but the business model of your idea. What is the market, pricing, roadmaps etc.

Building a techincal roadmap
Product Design

You explain the idea, we design the technology needed and build a plan with you to deliver this

Software Platforms, Mobile Apps, Native and Hybrid
Product Development

We have all the skills required to build any application. We manage the entire project for you and keep you fully in the loop

Hosting and support of software platforms
Hosting & Support

We fully host and support your platform on our specialised servers. You never need to worry about the complicated bits.

Experience SEO and Remarketing
Maintenance & Improvements

A software platform or product is never finished. We help you to continue the journey or at least plan it

Sales strategy, pricing and digital marketing for startups and new products
Branding & Marketing

Once you have your product, how do you get customers and users? We can help you understand how to tackle this

Web Portal and Mobile App design and Development

Our Development Platform

Most startup businesses require the same basic platform requirements of a web based portal and a mobile app. We have built our own proprietary platform scaffolding which means we can build your own product much quicker by avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel each time

Out of the box platform templates

Full Authentication

Our platform comes with full user authenticaion such as registration, login, password resets as well as user levels and permissions - right out of the box. We obviously tailor it to your needs but no need to reinvent.
API Development

Immediate web portal and public API

We provide the core web portal funcations such as users, subscriptions,notifications etc. in a typical install. We configure to suit your needs and add in the content and functions you need. We also provide a secure public API to your platform
Hybrid and Native mobile apps

Cross platform mobile app

We don't waste time with device specific apps, using the latest and best hybrid tools we have a base app which can connect to your platform. All we need to do is add your funcationality.
Mobile App MVP development