more about varoom

At Varoom we bring something different to the area of IT for small businesses. Having worked in IT for over 15 years but also being involved in small business projects, we can help you bridge the gap between the two

Information Technology or just simple "computers" has always had an elitist aura around it. People with no experience of working with computers often view them as some all thinking and all seeing monster that will explode if they press the wrong button. This hasn't been helped by unscrupulous companies and individuals who take advantage of this fear by charging vastly overpriced fees or licences.

At Varoom we think we can do things differently however. We know the constraints small business face and never more so than in the current market. We can provide you with real help and recommend proper solutions that won't cost the earth. We provide real one to one training and support - support that will be there when you need it, and not when it suits us.

We can talk to you in detail and explain exactly what solution we recommend for your business. We will give you open and honest advise and help you choose the most effective solution for you. Why not contact us today and let us get IT working for your business